-Fine motor skills
-Gross motor skills
-Self care skills
-Visual perceptual skills
-Self regulation skills 
-Sensory Processing
-Handwriting skills
-Attention and Focus
-Social skills

Off site Therapy

Services We Provide

speech THERAPY

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"ChildWorks Chatter!

ChildWorks has been serving our community for over 10 years. 

at childworks, We work with both children and their families. As a team, we can help your child improve their skills in the following areas:

-Receptive and Expressive language disorders
-Speech Sound Disorders
-Auditory processing
-Language processing difficulties
-Oral motor impairments
-Social Language (pragmatic skills)
-Fluency disorders (stuttering)
-Therapeutic use of technology​​


36A Gibraltar Drive, Morris Plains, NJ, 07950

Phone:  (862) 219-5678  Fax: (862) 219-5399

Neala, the owner's direct line: (516) 241-5350

Email: ChildWorksLLC@yahoo.com

Why ChooSE

Our practice?

  1. dedicated professionals 
  2. highly trained and experienced therapists
  3. indivdualized treatments
  4. parent training
  5. collaboration with other professionals
  6. home practice programs
  7. Free screening programs
  8. ​community training programs
  9. Therapy offered at our location and off site